Siemens opens new support center in Permian Basin

December 24, 2019
   Siemens has opened a high-speed reciprocating compressor and mobile power support center in Odessa, Texas.

  The facility will serve the high-speed reciprocating compressor and rotating equipment customers in the Permian Basin, primarily providing spare parts. By as early as next year, however, the facility will also support unconventional resource activities, such as electric fracking and mobile gas turbine staging.
  “Our HSRC (high-speed reciprocating compressor) support center in Odessa will better position us to serve a key customer base in a significant region through a strategic parts stocking program,” said Patrice Laporte, vice president for Siemens Oil & Gas Americas.
  “We look forward to working with operators and service companies in the Permian Basin to ensure fast response on their solution needs, such as emissions-reducing electric frac systems, all the way to apps that optimize artificial lift performance,” said Matthew Wilhoit, vice president for Siemens Unconventional Oil & Gas.
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